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Hermanitos Unidos - Siblings United Foster Family Agency NEEDS people like YOU to help. Make a difference in the life of a child in need of a home and love. Free training, support, financial reinbursement provided. Please call: (626) 335-2272.

Hermanitos Unidos Foster Family Agency necesita ayuda de personas como usted. Haga una differencia en la vida de un nino que necesita un hogar sano y seguro. Ofrecemos entrenatmiento gratis para certificacion, soporte familiar, medical, y reembolso financiero. Por favor llamenos: (626) 335-2272.

Our Mission is To Keep Brothers and Sisters Together.  Hablamos Espanol!


Norma J. Torres -Assembly member, 61st District

Norma J. Torres -Assembly member, 61st District

"It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of support for Hermanitos Unidos Foster Family Agency, an agency whose mission is to specialize in creating and saving large sibling set foster homes. "

Karen Bass -Congresswoman, 37th District

Karen Bass -Congresswoman, 37th District

"This letter is in support for Hermanitos Unidos Foster Family Agency's proposal. This agency specializes in recruiting foster parents that have the capacity to accomodate three or more siblings in the same home. [...] This agency deserves our support as their mission is to help at-risk foster youth in becoming successful members of society"

Gloria Negrete McLeod -Senator, 32nd District

Gloria Negrete McLeod -Senator, 32nd District

"Recently Hermanitos Unidos Foster Family Agency reached out to my office to seek assistance in its mission to keep siblings together within the foster care system. A valuable component to that is creating a system or network of foster care providers that are capable of handling multiple foster children and in particular children from the same family. As a legislator, I recognize the importance of maintaining close family bonds in order to provide a positive enviornment for our youth."

Community Care Licensing Division

Community Care Licensing Division

Hermanitos Unidos Foster Family Agency is pleased to report that the Community Care Division has reported on December 13, 2017 that our agency is 100% compliant and has "no deficiencies" to report. We take pride in such results and strive for excellence in all of our reviews.


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What We Do

Our Mission

Hermanitos Unidos Foster Family Agency (HUFFA) is a full service agency serving all of Los Angeles County and surrounding areas. Our mission is to protect, care, and enrich the lives of foster children who have been neglected, abused or otherwise needed to be removed from their birth families. The Agency recognizes that children placed in out-of-home care are likely to be experiencing the impact of stressful life situations. These situations involve but may not be limited to: physical, sexual, psychological abuse; poor nutrition; medically fragile conditions; extreme family disfunction; separation; etc. The effects of these events and situations often result in, or are associated with, a wide range of psychological disorders, symptoms and behavioral problems. Due to these unfortunate circumstances, Hermanitos Unidos Foster Family Agency (HUFFA) is committed to providing safe and loving home to all children in these situations. Hermanitos Unidos Foster Family Agency (HUFFA) shall be the first agency to consistently address one of the most stressful situations: the Placed Child’s fear of being separated from his/her siblings. Hermanitos Unidos FFA will keep siblings together as they navigate life during these difficult circumstances.

Hermanitos Unidos Foster Family Agency (HUFFA) es una agencia de niños de crianza que ayuda familias en el Condado de Los Angeles y areas cercanas. Nuestra mission es de proteger, cuidar, y enriquezer las vidas de niños de crianza quienes han sido descuidados, abusados, maltratados, o que necesiten ser removidos de sus familias. La agencia reconoze que niños desplazados usualmente están pasando por tiempos difíciles y estreantes. Estas situaciones podrian incluir: abuso psicológico, sexual, o physico; malnutricion; condiciones medicas fragiles; disfuncion familiar extremas; separación; etc. Los efectos de estas situaciones usualmente resultan e son asociados con problemas psicológicos, y problemas de comportamiento. Es por esto que Hermanitos Unidos Foster Family Agency (HUFFA) esta cometida para prover hogares sanos y seguros para todos los niños en estas situaciones. Hermanitos Unidos Foster Family Agency (HUFFA) sera la primera agencia que consistentemente ayudara una de las situaciones mas dificiles: la separacion de niños de crianza de sus hermanos/hermanas. Hermanitos Unidos FFA mantendrá los hermanos juntos mientras ellos navegan una vida con circumstancias dificiles.

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  •   (626) 335-2272
  •   158 N Glendora Ave g, Glendora, CA 91741
  •   info /@/ huffa /./ org.

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Hermanitos Unidos Foster Family is a non-profit 501 (C) (3) organization funded by donations from individuals, corporations, foundations and government grants. We welcome your monetary and in-kind contributions for our foster children and families. Please call us directly at (626) 335-2272 for further information.